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Heavy Duty MESH Horse Stall Kits

HUGE SAVINGS on Feeders, Waterers & Tack Room Accessories if Ordered WITH HORSE STALLS!

Call 1-800-335-1880 For More Information on this Discount Offer!

Galvanized Mesh Horse Stall Kits. Heavy-Duty 1/4" Mesh with NO WELDS to corrode!

• Increased Ventilation

• Safe 2" Square Mesh Design

• All Galvanized Steel Construction

These heavy-duty horse stall mesh panels provide 100% ventilation and visibility while creating an attractive showbarn. Super strong 1/4" wire mesh and formed 16-gauge framing combine to become extremely durable. Rust inhibitive galvanized steel insures good looks and long life.

These 4'x7' panels, along with our horse stall hardware kit (Model CM84), can be utilized in new construction or adapted to your remodeling project.

• Panels can also be used to make complete horse stall fronts and stall divider walls. See our Modular Horse Stall section for more information.

Also Available:

Mesh Grill Sections and Doors for Wood Construction Stalls

• Mesh Grill Sections have same mesh design as above with channels attached top and bottom to accept standard  2" Lumber (1 1/2" thick).

• Mesh Stall Doors have a mesh grill with 7' side channels ready

to accept your lumber.

Order Your Mesh Stall Doors and Grills Below

Mesh Stall Door Panel

CM4P 4' x 7' Mesh Horse Stall Door. Super strong 1/4"woven wire mesh and formed 16-gauge framing (door latch and top brackets not included, see sliding door hardware kit below)

Color- Silver


Mesh Horse Stall Grill Section

Questions? Call us at 800-335-1880

CM 72 34" x 48" Mesh Stall Grill Section. Super strong 1/4" woven wire mesh and formed 16-gauge framing with channels attached top and bottom to accept standard

2" Lumber (1 1/2" thick).

Color- Silver


Horse stall sliding door kit

Sliding Door Hardware Kit CM 84. Consists of door brackets, door latch, bottom stay roller assembly, polyethylene roller system for long life and 95” section of enclosed-top track to keep dust and material from falling into the rollers and jamming your door.

All mounting hardware included.


Questions? Call us at 800-335-1880

Questions? Call us at 800-335-1880


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