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Horse Stall Kits

HUGE SAVINGS on Feeders, Waterers & Tack Room Accessories if Ordered WITH HORSE STALLS!

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Horse stall kits

Horse stall kits are an economical way to build your stalls. We provide all the metal pieces you will need to build your stalls and you supply the lumber needed. You can purchase individual grill sections, stall doors and other parts as individual pieces so you can build your horse stall the way YOU need it done or you can purchase our prepackaged horse stall fronts and wall kits.

NOTE: Kit style horse stalls MUST have support posts installed to attach your boards and metal work to.

Need information on how to build horse stall kits? Click Here to view our horse stall kit builders guide

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Black Enamel Coated Horse Stall Kits

Black Painted Steel Horse Stall Kits

Galvanized Steel Horse Stall Kits on Sale!

Hot Dipped Galvanized Horse Stall Kits